Market Hall Foods Name Change FAQs

We thought you might have a few questions about why and how we're changing our name from The Pasta Shop to Market Hall Foods. We've covered a lot below, but if you're curious about anything else, please let us know! We want to hear from you.

Why is The Pasta Shop becoming Market Hall Foods?
Our new name better represents what we do, and what we have always done, which is more than just fresh pasta. Many customers aren’t aware of the relationship between our store in Berkeley and our store in Oakland. With this name change, the relationship will be much clearer. Both retail stores in Oakland and Berkeley and the online shop will be called Market Hall Foods.

Did The Pasta Shop close?
No, we simply changed the name of The Pasta Shop to Market Hall Foods. Same owners, same great food, new name—it makes more sense!

Did the owners sell the business?
No, nothing has changed in terms of ownership or how we run the businesses. The same family still owns the company and we’ll still be selling the same great food..

Are any other businesses' names changing?
No, only the retail specialty foods shops in Oakland and Berkeley are changing their names to Market Hall Foods. All of our other businesses will remain the same.

Will you still have fresh pasta?
The Pasta Shop was originally named for the fresh pasta, ravioli and sauce that we still make every day. The Pasta Shop name will still exist within our stores, as the brand and logo on the labels for our fresh pasta.

We will continue to sell our fresh pasta, under the name of The Pasta Shop, in our shops, in farmers markets and in other stores around the Bay. Additionally, our handcrafted pasta is served at over 200 restaurants in the Bay Area.

What's the difference between the Oakland and Berkeley store?
At our core is a focus on honest, handcrafted food: freshly made salads, entrees and pasta, house-made charcuterie, desserts, fine cheeses, and ingredients for those who love to cook.

Our goal is for each of our shops to reflect the interests of its customers and surrounding neighborhoods. Each location has a slightly different product selection and different feel, but both stores will continue to adhere to our core values: expertise, conviviality (or friendliness) and passion.

What's the difference between Rockridge Market Hall and Market Hall Foods?
Rockridge Market Hall, created and built by the Wilson family in 1987, is the building that houses eight independent food shops, including our retail shop, Market Hall Foods. The building also houses two floors of offices above the retail space. It is located on College Avenue across from the BART station.

Market Hall Foods is the name of our retail shops and our online store. We have two brick-and-mortar locations: in Oakland at Rockridge Market Hall, and in Berkeley on Fourth Street. Our online store,, carries a curated selection from the retail stores and ships products nationwide.

Will our website URLs be changing? (this site!) will continue to provide info about ALL of the brick-and-mortar retail shops inside Rockridge Market Hall.

However, on the website, the name of our retail store will change from The Pasta Shop to Market Hall Foods. Our holiday menus for online ordering will continue to live here.

Also, we will stop using for events and promotions at our 4th Street shop. For now, this info will be found on on a dedicated Market Hall Foods on 4th page.

Today is our e-commerce site. In the near future, we will be expanding from simply e-commerce to a more inclusive site representing the events, promotions, and current menus in our brick-and-mortar stores, Market Hall Foods. This will take us some time to transfer.

Can I still use The Pasta Shop gift certificates and script?
Yes, they will be honored after the name change.

Are you affiliated with The Market Hall in San Francisco or The Market Hall in Seattle?
‘The Market Halls’ in Seattle and San Francisco are not affiliated with us. Market Hall Foods is the name of our retail stores in Oakland and Berkeley, and our online store, The Wilson family created and built Rockridge Market Hall in 1987; it was the first of the new generation of ‘market halls’ and is recognized nationally.

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