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Market Hall Foods

For 30 years, Market Hall Foods (formerly The Pasta Shop) has served as the East Bay's source for the best specialty groceries, the tastiest prepared foods, the finest cheeses and of course, the freshest handmade pasta. Our buyers, chefs and cheesemongers are always working to ensure we're sharing nothing but the best with our customers. If we have to travel to the groves of an olive oil producer, the fields of a chicken farmer or the pastures of a cheesemaker, we will do it to be sure you know where our products come from.

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Prepared Foods

Our chefs have decades of experience cooking in kitchens around the world. Their recipes and ideas go into every bite that leaves our kitchen and enters your home. Learn More

Specialty Groceries

We like to think that the pantry is where all good food begins. Whether you're adding spice to a tagine or vinegar to a salad, a well-stocked pantry ensures you'll always be able to take your food to new places. We stock the best in a variety of categories, from extra virgin olive oil, pasta and preserves, to hard-to-find baking ingredients, cookbooks and tablewares.

Our Fresh Pasta

For 30 years, making fresh pasta has been the backbone of our business. It all began in a small spot on College Avenue and now, you can find our wholesale pasta kitchen in Oakland. Our pasta is made with simple ingredients and expertly-honed technique.

The Cheese Counter

The mission of Market Hall Food's Cheese Counter is to promote cheese as a true artisan product, to educate consumers to help them find the best cheese to suit their own preferences and needs, while making the whole experience fun and exciting. Cheeses are carefully handled to encourage consistent ripening and ensure that the cheese reaches the consumer in the best possible condition, holding true to the intentions of the cheesemaker.

The Pasta Shop is Now Market Hall Foods

Same owners. Same great food. New name.

A little history: Thanks to you, for 30 years, The Pasta Shop has evolved from a small gourmet store to a beloved Bay Area institution, where neighbors gather, shop daily and talk about food. It has earned its reputation locally and nationally as one of the very best sources for specialty groceries, prepared foods, the finest cheeses and charcuterie—and fresh, handcrafted pasta.

Why the new name? First of all, it’s not really so new. As the name of our parent company and our online shop, and one we’ve used internally for some time, Market Hall Foods more accurately describes what our two stores actually are: vibrant food emporiums with offerings that extend far beyond pasta. While each shop’s selection varies according to the interests and needs of its customers, Market Hall Foods in Oakland and Berkeley are fundamentally the same: same great food, same owners.

Still have a few questions? Check out our Name Change FAQs

Rockridge Market Hall
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Rockridge Market Hall
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