Who's Who at MH Produce

Farshad Abad, Produce Buyer, Market Hall Produce

Farshad Abad of Market Hall ProduceFarshad Abad has worked for Market Hall Foods for 20 years and has been our Produce Buyer for 14 years. Although not the most glamorous part of his job, he wakes up every morning at 2am in order to visit wholesale produce markets across the Bay Area, where he hand-picks the best-looking, best-tasting fruit and vegetables he can find, the high-quality produce you find everyday at Market Hall Produce.

Responsible for building the close-knit and long-term relationships we maintain with our farms, Farshad says that his favorite part of his job is “seeing customers happy with the produce [he] brings in.” And when it comes to actually using and eating the produce he brings in, he likes to keep it simple. “I just make things up as I go.” But just in case you’re wondering, his favorite fruit is mangoes and his favorite vegetable is artichokes.

Outside of work, which for him includes more daylight hours than most, Farshad enjoys riding his motorcycle and working with his garden.


Gabriel Villanueva, Manager, Market Hall Produce

Another dedicated and seasoned Market Hall hand, Gabriel Villanueva has been working for Market Hall Foods for 14 years. He worked at The Pasta Shop’s Wholesale Pasta factory before moving over to manage Market Hall Produce two years ago. Gabriel says that, in produce, every day is different, and he enjoys figuring out ways to bring his customers a unique and high-quality experience every time they come into the shop. He also likes figuring out ways to make Farshad laugh.

When not managing produce or cracking jokes for Farshad, Gabriel gives back to his community by coaching youth soccer. “I don’t only teach them how to play soccer; I try to teach them principles of life, too, which they will carry on into their own life.” Luckily, coaching allows Gabriel to spend extra quality time with his son, Jose Gabriel, who everyone calls Piccachu because he’s so fast on the soccer field.

Gabriel Villanueva Manager-Market Hall Produce

Some of Gabriel’s Produce Favorites:

Favorite Go-To Recipe: Squeeze the juice of one lime over cut-up jicama and cucumber, then sprinkle with salt and cayenne pepper.

Favorite Fruits: Peaches and Nectarines from Goldbud Farms: “They have a firm texture and a really sweet taste.” And Medina Berry Farms strawberries: “These are as fresh as you can get in the farmers markets and are as sweet as candy.”

Favorite Product Off the Shelf: Taylor Brothers Organic Pitted Prunes: “The ones in the can. They don’t lose their flavor, and they are soft with an intense flavor.”


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