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Marin Sun Farms provides 100% grass fed, certified organic and pasture raised meats from within our local foodshed. The foodshed encompasses the farm, your table and everything in between. Similar to a watershed map, the foodshed map describes how nutrients flow from local farms to your house.

The foodshed concept allows the community to have greater knowledge about the source of the nutrients they purchase and ingest. This empowers each individual to directly influence the management of their foodshed’s resources and their community’s environment. In creating this transparent supply chain from farm to fork, we are building a more sustainable food system.

Environmental Stewardship

Producing a healthy and vibrant landscape for all life. As you might guess from our name, Marin Sun Farms has built its production practices around solar energy. Relying on sunlight, grass, clean air and water means that our production practices mimic natural processes and help maintain the stable life-supporting functions of our ecosystem.

Marin Sun Farms’ animals are raised on pastures with a mosaic of grasses, flowers and clovers, as well as many native plants, shrubs and trees. This diverse vegetation comprises a lush landscape that helps protect threatened species while providing a naturally balanced diet for our livestock. We honor the understanding and application of processes whereby resources are managed to promote the health of our livestock, the nutrition of our customers, and the biological diversity of our world.

Community Reinvestment

The most important actor in our sustainable food system is you, so please vote with your fork! By choosing to purchase meats from Marin Sun Farms, your money stays entirely within the community, and helps strengthen our local economy. You are helping us invest in each other by providing excellent professional opportunities for our highly skilled and dedicated employees, and creating economic incentives for ranchers to keep rangeland in production and manage it sustainably. We pride ourselves on providing full transparency through our vertically integrated supply and processing chain, and will happily answer any questions you have.

Rockridge Market Hall
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