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All of our meats are 100% grass fed and pasture raised, and are free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. Marin Sun Farms’ grass fed and pasture raised meats have rich and robust flavor not found in conventional, confinement raised, grain fed animals. Due to our fluctuations in seasonal feed availability and variations in types of grass and forage available at different locations, you’ll often notice subtle differences in our meats from year-to-to-year and across different ranches — similar to vintages and terroirs when tasting wine!

Recent studies have shown that compared to conventional products, grass-fed meats offer you more healthy Omega-3 fatty acid and fewer Omega-6 fatty acids, which are linked to heart disease and other human maladies. Grass-fed meats are richer in antioxidants and conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs), and have more vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C. Because Marin Sun Farms’ animals eat a balanced diet, and are raised with care and respect for nature and natural processes, our meats are nutrient-dense whole foods, more fitting for human nutrition, environmental health and our sustainable future.

Co-Producer Network

Marin Sun Farms maintains a network of co-producers and processors who work together to guarantee care and quality at every step. Our local Bay Area foodshed has a diverse resource base including many different micro-climates, terrains, soils, and water sources. This diversity means that each locality has its own seasons, terroirs, and time when grass pastureland at its best.

By working with ranchers across different areas, Marin Sun Farms is able to provide locally-sourced meats throughout the year. We maintain strict production protocols and enter into advance contracts, thereby staking ownership in the co-production of the livestock. We collaborate on production plans, share resources, and work together to continually strengthen a renewed local food system.

Marin Sun Farms also has built a vertically integrated processing program to ensure that the best care is given to provide the highest quality meat products. We have direct relationships with local abattoirs that are critical to bringing local livestock to market. The abattoirs provide delivery services to our butcher shop in San Francisco where carcasses are aged to perfection, cut, and packaged by Marin Sun Farms employees. We then distribute — in our own vehicles, by our own employees — our meats to our butcher shop in Point Reyes Station, our butcher shop in Oakland, and to wholesale accounts in the greater Bay Area. This oversight of every step of the process provides security, food safety, and the continual monitoring of quality on all Marin Sun Farms meats.

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