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Oysters & Caviar

There's perhaps nothing more thrillingly festive than oysters and caviar. Order some today and get the party started!

Our Oyster Selection


Medium and crisp, with a fresh, briny salinity. From Northern California.


Large, rich and buttery, with a mild brine. From Northern California and Canada.


Small and sweet, with a delicate salinity. From Northern California and Washington.

We’ll gladly shuck the oysters for you and send you home with a box with the oysters in their liquor along with the cleaned shells for serving. Be sure to purchase some of our Mignonette Sauce too. 24 hours advanced notice please for orders of more than two dozen.


Our Caviar Selection 

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          Royal Caviar, photo courtesy of Sterling Caviar

Sterling Caviar: From sustainable sturgeon farms in the Sacramento Valley.

Supreme Caviar   

The crème de la crème of white sturgeon caviar. A rare treat for a special celebration, these sublime, medium-sized beads have a smooth, nutty flavor with a creamy finish. Amber to gold in color. (30g jar)

Royal Caviar  

An all-time chefs’ favorite, these small, delectable beads burst with rich, nutty flavors and add a nice pop of texture to any dish. Delicious served on blini with crème fraîche. Pearl grey to amber in color. (30g jar)

Classic Caviar   

An elegant caviar perfect for any menu. These small, lustrous beads have a robustly nutty flavor and a buttery finish. Great as a topping for deviled eggs, or to garnish roasted baby potatoes topped with crème fraîche. Warm grey to rich black in color. (30g jar)

Catsmo CaviarFrom Brittany, France.

Golden Trout Roe

This beautiful orange roe has a crisp, briny pop and a delicate, fruity finish. Georgeous on top of salmon, creamy pasta dishes or as a garnish for ceviche. (100g jar)

New to caviar? Here's a little help.

What is caviar?
Similarly to the use of the term champagne (meant to designate only sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France), the term caviar refers specifically to sturgeon eggs from the Caspian Sea off the coast of Russia and Iran. Today, however, the word caviar is commonly used to encompass all fish eggs used in the same tradition as real caviar. Because of overfishing, the oldest breeds of sturgeon have become endangered, so today the majority of caviar is farmed.

Need help choosing?
We're happy to lend a hand. Choosing caviar can be intimidating—with choices from across the world and price tags in the triple-digits. We make sure to carry a range of caviars, available year-round, that are reasonably priced and of consistent quality.  

How to store caviar? 
When purchasing caviar, do not hesitate to ask for a bag of ice in which to store it until you get home. Unopened and refrigerated, caviar will stay fresh for up to four weeks. Once opened, it should be used within three days.

How to serve it?
Metal spoons and bowls oxidize the roe, imparting an unappetizing metallic flavor. To keep your caviar pristine, use mother-of-pearl, glass or even plastic servingware.

How to describe it? 
Caviar can be described by its brininess (or saltiness), creaminess and pop.

Still not sure which caviar to buy? 
Come in and ask our staff. We're glad to answer any of your questions.

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