Beverages & Serviceware

We offer a wide selection of unique beverages, housemade and otherwise, such as aguas frescas and Vignette Wine Country Sodas. We provide complimentary serving utensils with all our platters. In an ongoing effort to be environmentally conscious and reduce waste, all serviceware is compostable and all platters are recyclable. Listed below are our beverages and serviceware as a reference tool for planning your catered events and gatherings.


* Please note that carbonated beverages are taxable.


*Airpots/Cambros require our return visit for equipment retrieval, with pickup fee.



All platters come with complimentary serving utensils. All disposables are compostable and our platters are recyclable.

Cocktail Compostable Set* - $1.25

Includes forks, cocktail napkins, cocktail plates, tumblers if we are sending beverages and serving utensils. 

Lunch/Dinner Compostable Set* - $1.75

Includes forks, knives, cocktail napkins, dinner napkins, dinner plate, cocktail plate, tumblers if we are sending beverages and serving utensils.

* Please note that both sets are taxable


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